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Chorley to Nice – August 2013

19th April 2013

Just under four months remains now before the Pedal de Alps team will embark on one of the toughest challenges the five friends have faced either individually or collectively. However, despite the enormity of the feat that the squad will face come August, spirits remain high within the group as they continue to train together on a regular basis and see the progress of their efforts, as the pedal powered journey from Chorley to Nice becomes more of a reality.

Although all five team members are no strangers to two-wheels, they are far more accustomed to the motorised variety and with the exception of one, all have only very limited if any prior experience of road cycling. Under the supervision of team leader Paul Dixon, twelve times FIM Trial World Champion Dougie Lampkin, his cousin James Lampkin, Woody Hole and Jake Miller have been putting the miles in not only to improve their overall fitness, but also to learn the art of riding together as a team.

Driven on by the massive support that has seen donations already reach over five thousand pounds in less than two months, the guys have continued to train in all weather conditions in readiness for the thousand or so miles that awaits them this summer. Although the sheer distance they will cover in a relatively limited period of time is only part of the story, with the planned latter route through the Alps perhaps posing the biggest challenge of all.

After the relatively flat opening few days, the Lampkin duo, Dixon, Hole and Miller will head into the mountains for eight days of pure climbing. By the time they reach Nice in the South of France, they will have risen nearly thirty-five thousand metres, which is just shy of the elevation gained by the pro-riders on the 2012 Tour de France.

Whilst not offering the sheer height of the French mountains, the Pedal de Alps team can be found training on a regular basis in the North Yorkshire countryside with the unforgiving hills around the market town of Settle having very much become a second home for the guys as they look to perfect their pedaling prowess. Aiming to each cover one hundred and fifty hilly miles per week at this stage, the goal is to almost double this weekly mileage before they set off from Chorley in mid August.

Although very much deep in his preparations to defend his Scottish Six Days Trial title, Red Bull athlete Lampkin is still managing to put in his hours in the saddle, with the ex World champion being aware that the trip to Nice is going to be a tough ask, even for him.

"In some sports you can rely on skill, talent and experience, but when it comes to cycling there are no short cuts. If you don't put the hours in, you are going to be left wanting. Whilst I am enjoying the challenge and riding as a team, there is no denying it is dammed hard work."

"I am looking forward to having some time off from pedaling and to being able to ride my motorbike for a week in Scotland for a rest!" Lampkin laughed.

"Joking aside, what we are doing is for a serious and personal cause, and that's what makes all the training so worthwhile. We have all been amazed by the donations to date and would like to thank everyone who has given so generously so far."

"Hopefully we can continue this trend when we head up to Fort William in a couple of weeks time and can get the trials community to dig deep for Derian House too." Ended Dougie.

To learn more about the challenge, Derian House and Harry please visit www.pedaldealps.com

Donations can be made by visiting www.justgiving.com/pedaldealps or by sending cheques payable to Derian House to Pedal de Alps HQ, 3 The Old Court House, Tenterden Street, Bury, UK - BL9 0AL

For further information please call + 44 (0) 161 763 6660 or email info@pedal-de-alps.com